Our Story

Derval O’Rourke and her business partner, Greg O’Gorman, have grown memberships to over 18,000+ with their Derval.ie offering and with the development of SAOL it brings a brand new service offering to the employee space. SAOL, the wellbeing platform, was created for businesses but also available for single membership users who want to look and feel their best.

‘My experience as a professional athlete has equipped me to appreciate the many benefits of wellbeing in action. The creation of SAOL is fuelled by my passion and belief that a pro-active wellbeing mindset pays dividends in people’s work/life balance’ said Derval. 

“In 2023 and beyond many companies have introduced a hybrid or remote working environment which has created opportunities but also challenges for employees such as isolation”. Co-Founder Greg O’Gorman believes that SAOL has the solution to these hurdles

Our Founders

In 2018, Derval O’ Rourke and Greg O’ Gorman set out to develop a leading wellbeing platform in Ireland.

In 2023, Derval and Greg have evolved their ambition to develop the world’s most welcoming active lifestyle club.

Our ‘Aha’ moment came when we realised how important the supportive Derval.ie community was to our members, and how much they enjoyed connecting with like-minded people on and offline, and motivated each other to attend live events while completing challenges together. After 12 months of research into how we can support our members and give them the experience they deserve, we accepted Derval.ie could not provide this solution… and so… Saol was born!

Our Values